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Established in 2006 by Mr. Alex Aquilina, AA Construction Works is relatively a young company which is constantly growing.  Our professional team is ever growing and we strive to employ people who are knowledgeable and are experts in masonry and construction work.  AA Construction Works is an eco-conscious organisation. It also places great importance on Health and Safety and is proud of its very low injuries history, even though it operates in a relatively high risk sector.  This is primarily due to the fact that even before Health and Safety legislation became mandatory in Malta, it was always on top of our agenda to enforce basic health and safety for the protection and benefit of the employees.​ 

AA Construction Works specialises mainly in:

  • Building Construction 

  • Civil Engineering Contractors 

  • Building Alterations 

  • Pool Contractors 

  • Turn Key Projects 

  • Concrete Laying and Finishing 

  • Hard Landscaping 

  • All types of Excavation Work 

  • Demolition

Our Mission 

“To provide superior construction works and value-added services, that build sustainable customer relationships in the construction and related areas.” 

Our Vision 

“AA Construction Works strives to be the preferred partner for customers seeking the best value service in a market that increasingly demands quality and cost effective execution.” 

AA Construction is considered by some a small company, but many can vouch that our undertakings have been extraordinary. This helps us to be more focused on what we do and we consider ourselves to be proud with what we achieved so far. 


We constantly promote quality and timely delivery using modern methods of construction, attention to detail, safety and value-for-money. 

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