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With a wide range of services that suits your every need and requirement, our team has the know-how and expertise to get done what you need to be done in an efficient and timely manner.

Whether you building needs are large or small, from simple repairs to commercial build-outs, AA Construction Works offers the services needed to complete whatever job is required.

Building isn’t just a job. At AA Construction Works, it is our passion. With every project we undertake, we set the bar high and provide the best people in the industry, with a true love of what we do to make our Customers’ vision a reality.

From inception to completion, we use the latest techniques and technologies to make sure that the project stays on point and on budget. 

The following is a partial list of our services that we offer:

  • Crane hire service

  • High Up hire service

  • Skid Loader hire service

  • Mini Excavator hire service

  • Dumper hire service

  • Building Construction

  • Civil Engineering Contractors

  • Building Alterations

  • Pool Contractors

  • Turn-Key Projects

  • Concrete Laying and Finishing

  • Hard Landscaping

  • All types of Excavation Work

  • Demolition

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